K-1 Visa: Putting Your I-129F Packet Together!

Popping the question and planning to get married is always incredibly exciting, and when you’re in a long distance relationship, it’s arguably even more so! Rather than just planning the wedding and sharing news with family and friends, you’re figuring out which country to move to, researching visa options and are officially ending your long distance relationship!

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Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Surviving a long distance relationship is totally possible- thousands of people have done it, continue to do it, and will be doing it long after we each finish the journey ourselves. Whether you’re currently in an LDR or will be someday, here are a couple things to remember, expect or take away from your experiences on this journey.

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Iceland in 4 Days: Adventure Awaits!

Although four days may seem like a short amount of time, you’d be amazed at how much we accomplished without rushing and the incredible experiences we had- Iceland is very doable on a tight budget if you are okay with ‘roughing’ it a bit!

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