A Week In Newfoundland

Last week I made a series of somewhat spontaneous, but long needed decisions. I quit my job and booked a flight to Newfoundland that was leaving the following the day.  I was going to meet up with a friend I had only known through the internet, through my ex girlfriend, and we were going to go on a series of crazy adventures across NL with her friends. It ended up being such an incredible experience that was tight budget friendly and extremely rewarding with fantastic sights and memories.

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Adventures in Canada, Part II: Québec City & Ottawa

If you’re just joining me, welcome! If you’re coming over from the first post where I spoke about Montréal, thanks for sticking around. With so much to say about these breath taking cities, it’s hard to condense them all into one post- and if I had, you’d be bombarded with an eternity of scrolling! Who would want that?! Onward to arguably my favorite city in Canada- Québec City, followed by a budget friendly guide to a day trip in Ottawa!

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Adventures in Canada, Part I: Montréal

Between the vast wilderness, wild life, and cozy cities full of cobblestones and beautiful street art, what isn’t there to love about Canada? Although I can’t speak for the entire country, my road trips to Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa have all been full of natural beauty, crazy adventures, and wonderful life long memories. Although this isn’t a complete guide to all that you can do in the country, it’s still a good starting point if you’ve never been or are possibly looking for recommendations that are affordable on your next adventure.

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