Blue Is The Warmest Color: Why it’s So Damn Good

We all have that special something we can seamlessly relate our lives to, whether it be a film about an underdog who defies the odds, or a song that perfectly recites the darkest moments of our past. For me, one of these special somethings has to be Blue Is The Warmest Color– the film itself resonates with remnants of my past, as it spans across the turbulent years of figuring out who you are and what you desire in life. Although the film is quite a few years old by now, I still find it completely relatable, and figure hey, someone might appreciate finding out about this film, or getting the chance to read a thoughtful analysis of what makes this movie an orgasm for the soul.

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A Long Distance Love Story: Comedically Narrated

I’ll start this off by saying that I’ve never expected to find anyone I could connect with on such an incredible level. I’ve spent a large portion of my life (let’s say, 2/3’s) completely single because I am really picky and old school about finding the right person. Hook ups? Making out with strangers at a party? Going on a blind date? It’s never been me, or something I know I could do, which is surprising given my punk rock exterior which seems to scream, “I’m a stoner!” or even more accurately, “What haven’t I fucked?” to people as they get to know me.

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